Franklinville’s history dates back to at least the 18th Century when there were Keyauwee and Saponi Native American tribes living along the Sapong River, known now as Deep River. Members of these tribes and settlers crossed Deep River at the well-known Island Ford Crossing.

In 1784, the Earl of Granville granted the land where Franklinville is now located to Jacob Skeen. Christian Morris bought this land in 1801 and built his water-powered grist mill on the river. By 1820, Jesse Franklin was the governor of North Carolina and when Elisha Coffin acquired the land and properties from Christian Morris, the area was named Franklinsville in honor of the governor.

Franklinsville was incorporated as a town for the first time and this was ratified by the State of North Carolina on January 15, 1847. By December 19, 1917, Franklinsville became Franklinville without the “s” in its name when the Town of Franklinville was incorporated, in alignment with the Public Laws of 1917 and this was filed and ratified.

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