Garbage Pick-up: Garbage service is available to everyone within the town limits. It is picked up on Wednesday of each week. Please call the Town Hall at 336-824-2604 for the current garbage collection rates and to request a service start or stop. * Note: Large items such as furniture, appliances, etc., WILL NOT be picked up. Please take these items to the Randolph County landfill located at 1254 County Land Road Randleman NC.

Garbage Bill Payment: Payments may be mailed to Town Hall or paid in person during regular business hours. A drop box is provided beside the entrance door to Town Hall for dropping off billing statement payments after hours. We accept credit/debit cards, cash, check or money order.

Yard Upkeep: All homeowners and renters are expected to keep their yards mowed regularly and any trash/litter picked up. Failure to do so will result in a letter from Town Officials. Repeated failure to maintain one’s property may result in a lien placed against the property at the courthouse.

Leaf Pick-up (fall): During the fall leaf season, the Town provides a leaf vacuum service to residents. Leaves are normally picked up from November 15th to January 5th, depending upon how quickly leaves fall. The pick-up season can begin earlier or end later. Please follow the process below to have your leaves picked up:

  1. Move leaves to the curb in a pile. (LEAVES ONLY, NO TRASH, LIMBS, OR BRUSH)
  2. Do not PLACE LEAF PILES ON TOP OF the water meter.
  3. Move any vehicles out of the way so that town maintenance vehicles have full access to leaf piles.
  4. Call Town Hall when you’re ready for Fall Leaf Pick-up.

Limb Pick-up (Year-Round): The Town provides a limb pick-up/chipping service to all residents throughout the year. Limbs should be moved to the curb, with the large end of each limb facing the street. Please do not place limbs in the street, on top of water meters, etc. Make sure limbs are placed so that town maintenance vehicles (two trucks and a trailer) can easily access the limb pile. Contact Town Hall (336-824-2604) when you are ready for pick-up. * Note: The town maintenance staff will provide chipped limb mulch to town residents at NO CHARGE (at this time), if mulch is available. Call Town Hall to request. **The Town WILL NOT remove any debri that is left by a Contractor.  The Contractor is responsible for hauling away all debri from the work that he/she was hired for.

Park Shelter Usage and Reservations: The Park Shelter located at the east end of Riverside Park can be reserved for private parties and gatherings. Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost to reserve the shelter is $45.00. Please visit the Town Hall, during regular business hours, to complete a reservation form and pay the fee.

Littering: Littering is against the law and unsightly. It attracts vermin and it reflects poorly on the entire community. Please do your part to help keep our community clean and green. Several Saturday morning volunteer trash pick-ups are scheduled throughout the year. We need and welcome your participation in these events.

Junked/Abandoned Vehicles: Junked or abandoned vehicles are against the law in Franklinville. Junked vehicles are a threat to the public health and welfare and are unsightly. Failure to remove these vehicles in a timely manner will result in the issuance of a letter from Town Hall to the responsible vehicle owner requiring immediate removal.


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