Congratulations to Craig and Penny Smith – Yard of the Month for July 2021

Congratulations to Franklinville residents, Craig and Penny Smith, on being awarded the Yard of the Month for July! All of their hard work has created a gorgeous yard. The grouping of flowers draws your eye and adds a pop of color everywhere you look. Lovely garden flags add just the right amount of movement and color. The base of the flagpole is covered with beautiful flowers, that lifts your gaze up to the American flag waving proudly for all to see. How fitting that their yard is selected for this award during the month of July! An angel has been placed at the flagpole as a tribute to Mrs. Smith’s mother. What a sweet way to honor a loved one! Thank you to the Smiths for the hard work that you do to make your yard so beautiful for yourselves and your community! Visit our facebook page for more photos of Craig and Penny’s beautiful yard.

If you know of a yard that is deserving of this award, please contract Franklinville Town Hall. Call: 336-824-2604, text: 336-953-5129 or email: [email protected]. Keep those yards looking beautiful!


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