Mayor Conner, Commissioner Priscilla Dunn & Commissioner A.C. Hurley
Finance and Budget Supervision, Tax Collection, Office Administration, Personnel

Planning & Development:

Commissioner Mac Whatley & Commissioner Richard Goodwin
Economic Development, Growth, Planning, Zoning Administration & Enforcement, Subdivision Regulation

Public Safety:

Commissioner Priscilla Dunn & Commissioner AC Hurley
Animal Control, Minimum Building Standards, Public Health & Nuisances, Liaison with Sheriff’s Department & Fire Department

Public Services:

Commissioner Brandon Hurley & Commissioner Richard Goodwin
Street Lighting, Building & Landscape Maintenance, Public Library, Parks & Recreation

Public Utilities:

Commissioner Mac Whatley & Commissioner A.C. Hurley
Water & Sewer Services, Solid Waste & Recycling


Commissioner Richard Goodwin, Commissioner Brandon Hurley
Maintenance & Improvement of Streets, Sidewalks, Bikeways, Drains, Curbs & Gutters

Mayor Perry Conner

Elected 2011– term expires 12/2019

[email protected]

Commissioner Richard Goodwin

Elected 2010 – term expires 12/2021

[email protected]

Commissioner Brandon Hurley

Elected 2017 – term expires 12/2021

[email protected]

Commissioner A.C. Hurley

Elected 1993 – term expires 12/2021 (Mayor Pro Tempore)

[email protected]

Commissioner McKay Whatley

Elected 2013 – term expires 12/2021

[email protected]

Commissioner Priscilla Dunn

Appointed 2016-Term Expires 12/2019

[email protected]

Utilities Clerk

Christie Gunter

[email protected]

Finance Officer

Beverly O’Brien

[email protected]

Public Works Director

Arnold Allred

[email protected]

Public Works Assistant Director

Joe Walsh

Maintenance Technician

Danny Duncan

Franklinville Town Hall

P: 336-824-2446 or 336-824-2604

F: 336-824-2446

[email protected]

Town of Franklinville Library

P: 336-824-4020

Town of Franklinville Post Office

P: 336-824-8459

Franklinville Fire Protective Agency (FFPA)

P: 3363-824-8393

Smart Start

Amanda Ratliff

[email protected]

P: 336-736-9256