Randolph County Animal Control Ordinance

The Randolph County Animal Control Ordinance has changed. Tethering or chaining of dogs is no longer allowed in Randolph County.

Residents have until January 1, 2017 to find another way of keeping dogs on their property.

Dog owners can:

  • tether a dog for a reasonable period of time to allow for bathroom breaks
  • tether a dog on a runner for a reasonable period of time that allows the dog to exercise

On January 1, 2017, residents who tether or chain their dogs will receive a warning citation. If the dog remains tethered, there will be a $50 fine. If you need help finding other options for keeping your dog on your property, please contact the animal shelter at 336 – 683 – 8235 or the following dog rescues:

· Humane Society of Randolph County


· Happy Hills Animal Foundation http://www.hhaf.org/

· Flying Hounds Fences http://www.hhaf.org/flying-hound-fences/



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