Community News in Franklinville, NC

Baseball in Franklinville

Spring is here and it is time for baseball! The Otus Thomas Field in Franklinville is where you will find the action! Games are at 6:00pm and at 7:30pm. Come out and watch the children in our community play an All-American sport!
Dates are as follows:
March 24th
March 28th
March 29th
March 31st
April 1st
April 2nd
April 5th
April 8th
April 19th
April 20th
April 21st
April 22nd
April 26th
April 28th
April 29th
May 2nd
May 3rd
May 6th
May 9th
May 13th
May 16th

Christmas Parade 2021

The 2021 Christmas Parade was a huge success! It was a perfect, warm, sun shiny day in December! What a delight to see the streets of Franklinville filled with people! There was a festive feeling in the air! Thank you to Tigerpaw Entertainment, DJ Joey Beasley, for providing the wonderful Christmas music before and during the parade! So many have said that they enjoyed this addition to the parade! Thank you to Vee’s Old Fashioned Bakery in Ramseur for donating the free Christmas cookies for the children at the parade! Thank you to all the first responders and businesses that took part in the parade. The children loved seeing all the trucks and lights and hearing the horns. Thank you to Providence Grove High School’s Marching Band and Eastern Randolph High School’s Drum Line for participating in the parade and sharing their musical talents with us. Thank you to the ER Varsity Cheerleaders for sharing their Christmas spirit with us!. Thank you to Providence Grove’s Homecoming Queen, Maddie King, for gracing us with her beautiful smile and royal wave. Thank you to all of those that drove their vintage cars in the parade. They were beautiful and brought a touch of nostalgia to our streets. Thank you to the groups that decorated floats. Our citizens really enjoyed seeing your creations. Special thanks to Holly Spring Friend’s Meeting for your beautiful Nativity float.Thank you to Commissioner Richard Goodwin and Mrs. Sharon Grose for your hard work lining everyone up for the parade. A big thank you to all of those “behind the scenes” people who made this parade work! Thank you to everyone that took part in this annual parade. YOU made it success! The bar has been set high for next years’s Christmas parade!

Halloween 2021

Trunk or Treat in the Park 2021

A night of costumes, candy and hayrides! What a fun night for kids and families in our community! Thank you to Ashley Hurley for the great pictures! Thank you to Commissioner Brandon Hurley for all his hard work on this event, to Kelly Wicker for providing the hayrides and to all those that participated in the Trunk or Treating! Franklinville is a great community!!

Congratulations to Doug and Carol Stewart-High – Yard of the Month for September 2021

Congratulations to Doug and Carol Stewart-High for their property being selected as Franklinville’s Yard of the Month for September! This amazing space has a spa like ambiance and is often called “the tree house.” Beautiful geraniums greet the eye as one walks up to the lovely front porch. An eclectic group of shade and sun plants adds a burst of color throughout the yard. Around back, a stucco walled garden contains a variety of vegetables and herbs and has a Mediterranean flair! Espaliers hang on the walls with lush, green vines. In a front flower bed, a curious little turtle suns on a rock among an abundance of succulents trying to figure out what the new sign says! Thank you to Doug and Carol for the beautiful place they have created in our small town! Visit our facebook page to see all the photos of this beautiful yard.

August 2021 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Joe and Linda Rivera – Yard of the Month for August 2021

Yard of the Month for August 2021 goes to Joe and Linda Rivera! Every inch of this property is filled with colorful flowers, large shade trees and lush, green grass! Mr. and Mrs. Rivera work many hard hours in their yard to keep it looking spectacular. Their house is beautifully decorated in red, white and blue bunting for Independence Day! Congratulations to the Rivera’s for making their yard a beautiful space in our small town! Visit our facebook page to view all the photos of their home.

Online Payment Options Available

You now have a safe, secure and easy online payment option. Make a payment at night, early in the morning or on weekends. To make a payment, go to our online payment portal, enter your account number (listed on the bill) and type in your credit or debit card number.  Payment is quick, convenient, and the bill is immediately paid!  

We also have automatic bank drafting available for those that prefer this method.  The customer will just need to come into Town Hall with a voided personal check and sign the form for permission to draft from their account. 

Congratulations to Craig and Penny Smith – Yard of the Month for July 2021

Congratulations to Franklinville residents, Craig and Penny Smith, on being awarded the Yard of the Month for July! All of their hard work has created a gorgeous yard. The grouping of flowers draws your eye and adds a pop of color everywhere you look. Lovely garden flags add just the right amount of movement and color. The base of the flagpole is covered with beautiful flowers, that lifts your gaze up to the American flag waving proudly for all to see. How fitting that their yard is selected for this award during the month of July! An angel has been placed at the flagpole as a tribute to Mrs. Smith’s mother. What a sweet way to honor a loved one! Thank you to the Smiths for the hard work that you do to make your yard so beautiful for yourselves and your community! Visit our facebook page for more photos of Craig and Penny’s beautiful yard.

If you know of a yard that is deserving of this award, please contract Franklinville Town Hall. Call: 336-824-2604, text: 336-953-5129 or email: [email protected]. Keep those yards looking beautiful!

Parents as Teachers (PAT) early literacy success story.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an early childhood parent education and family support program, which also promotes and encourages early literacy. Personal home visits and virtual visits are at the heart of the Parents as Teachers program. The PAT program started in Franklinville in 2002. This program was formed by a committee of Franklinville citizens concerned about the high percentage of children entering Franklinville Elementary School unprepared for kindergarten.

Parent educators provide age-appropriate information, address parenting and caregiver needs and concerns, and engage the whole family in fun, nurturing activities. There are also group meetings for participating families; free developmental, health, vision, and hearing screenings for the children; and connections to area resources that support parents and caregivers on their demanding journey as their children’s first and most important teachers.

Director, Amanda Ratliff shares the successful Parents as Teachers (PAT) story of Jose’s graduation from Randolph Early College.

“Last Friday, Jose graduated from Randolph Early College with honors.  He will enter the workforce as an electrician once he completes his licensure through RCC. Raquel, Jose’s mother, stopped me one day and wanted to know more about the PAT program. She had heard about the program from a neighbor and was VERY eager to do whatever possible to make sure that her son Jose had the best start possible in life. Jose was around 2 years old at the time and spoke no English. During home visits, Raquel would always scoot back the family’s coffee table in the living room to make space for us to sit together on the floor.  She soaked up anything that she could to help Jose and always told me that one day she would see him graduate from college That day is here! Through the years, I have kept in close contact with Jose and Raquel as Jose has become almost like a son to me. I have watched him earn award after award from elementary school to middle school to now early college. Raquel texted me pictures a few years ago of Jose working on his homework with a flashlight because the family had lost power due to a storm that night. Raquel read to him throughout his early childhood years as well as did her very best to prepare him for school. The “odds” were stacked against Jose since the family struggled with economic resources as well as language and educational barriers. Raquel always told me that her children would be better than her and not have to work in hard labor jobs like her and her husband work. Watching Jose’s graduation last week was probably the most beautiful gift I have been given in my years of serving families. Jose will be 20 this Fall, and I could not be prouder of him and the man he is growing to be.  His family sacrificed SO much for him to graduate and they never gave up. They taught me far more than I could ever hope to teach them and gave me the beautiful gift of inviting me into their parenting journey and story. Our children are worth it all!! Jose was the FIRST in his family to graduate high school and college!”